TRUST Junior

TRUST Junior Orchestra was established in July 2018 in response to the scarcity of a good community children’s orchestra with emphasis on education. Its members consist of individuals of ages 7 to 20 from Jakarta and its surrounding areas with various backgrounds. The Orchestra is supervised and mentored directly by the Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra (TRUST Orchestra).

Their first performance was at the Indonesia Orchestra Ensemble Festival 2018 as one of the featured groups and they were officially introduced to the public at The Legends 6: Animation Concert by TRUST Orchestra in November 2018. The performance and program received a good response from the audience, and the community has grown dramatically since then. They practice weekly, exploring any musical genre suitable for children, under the guidance of Danezh and directed by Dr. Nathania Karina.

Their main mission is to impact children by creating a sense of community through musical training and enrichment programs for the players and the audiences. TRUST Junior wishes to provide opportunities for its members to have a formal orchestral performance (collaboration with the TRUST senior team), an independent concert curated for young children, and various collaborations with other forms of art in various venues such as museums, libraries & public parks. In the future, TRUST Junior strives to enhance the understanding and appreciation of music within culture and arts in addition to doing more educational outreach programs in support of high-quality musical education including introducing orchestra to a wider audience, especially to young children. 

Conductor: Danezh
Adrian Dzaky Kramadibrata
Alexander Tristan Hermanto
Allegra Christian Phivere
Allegra Karenina Godeliva Manuel
Andreas Malito
Anindya Miriati Hasanah
Ariette Kaletta
Belleviona Brigitta
Carla Calista Kurniaji
Chester Timothy Kusuma
Chloe Lukito
Delicya Danella
Denisse Celia Permanasari
Dennise Abigail Seiya Purba
Ebigail Yosephine Pandiangan
Edgar Tasno
Emidio Pratikno
Fabian Fayola
Fathan Zuqni Ismatama
Gayle Chiara Sugiharto
Hildagardis Ananta Primarani
Hyunho Lee
Jessica Olivia Ardiani
Joel Junius Thomas
Jonathan Lucas Fontana
Kezia Emmanuella Hutabarat
Maura Dianka
Marie-Ann Audrey Tjoeng
Marta Natalia Sie
Michelle Natalie Setiabudi
Naomi Rahmitasari Wibowo
Natascha Sugiarto
Prince Fredderick Philip
Raphaelle Jesslyn
Richelle Budiwarman
Soren Ethan Zunaidi
Stefan Lakipadada Nabasa Madethen
Steven Sutanto 
Stuart Soteres Einstain Liauw
Swastyana Acintya
Tasihomi Gita Kholisane Rumapea
Teresa Kimiko
Wilhelmine Maria Loe